Los Primeros Nueve

My top 9 things each month either in pictures, words or in other randomness. Updated every month. Also, click on the image if you want it bigger.  

Abril 11.

Benedicte and I on the bus to town. I miss her already.
Semana Santa in Sevilla. The most beautiful thing ever. Om du noen gang får muligheten, dra til Sevilla da. Jeg lover deg, du kommer aldri til å glemme det.
Going to Madrid again. My favourite city atm. It's so beautiful and vibrant and amazing. I'm in love.
Because Anfield is fucking beautiful like this... Because there is no place like it. Because it was the best match ever and I got to check out Pepe Reina's ass for 45 min.

Canal de Alfonso er mitt favoritt sted i Sevilla. Kanskje til og med ever. Jeg skulle ønske jeg hadde hatt til til å bare sitte der på kanten mens jeg lyttet til flamenco.
Denne håndkremmen. Dere aner ikke. I have no words for it. Den er magisk. Og jeg fikk den smugla med meg fra Spania.

The Royal Wedding, because really? Can I be more of a girl? But whatever, it was beautiful and I cried. And the kiss was really sweet and just gosh! Of course, now the race for Prince Harry starts. Better head to London soon I s'pose.
Real Madrid winning Copa del Ray. It was amazing and beautiful and wow. Hala Madrid.
Nando's first goal for Chelsea. I have so many emotions regarding that goal. But most of all I'm happy. So freakin' happy.