onsdag 1. august 2012

Birgit and Keisha being as cool as ice with our bunny ears.

onsdag 25. juli 2012

Walk on, Walk on.

Can I just come out and say it? I don’t like Andy Carroll. Not one tiny bit. Never had and let’s face it, I never will. When we signed him, I most certainly did not drop everything I had in my hands to celebrate in pure ecstasy. Unless you count hitting your head against the table as celebrating, of course.

And now? Well, I am still not celebrating. Though I might if the rumors are true and that we are either selling him or sending him out on loan. Why? Because it is painfully clear that he does not fit in to our club. He cannot play in our system; is simply unable to adapt. The only matches I remember him being active and alive in, were the ones in which Gerrard played, and for me, this is not good enough. Not with Gerrard’s current string of bad luck (really, that man should just change his middle name from George to ‘Groin-Injury’ at this point- Steven ‘Groin-Injury’ Gerrard has a nice ring to it, too). We need a striker who can actually provide us with goals, as was all too obvious last season. And we need someone who works his ass off to try and give them to us. From Carroll I do not see this effort being made on the pitch. Usually, I see him standing in front of the opponents’ six yard box, standing like an ungroomed caveman (sorry for the personal attack on the man’s appearance, but this too, had to be said), with no clue what so ever to how to produce anything from the balls which are passed to him from the midfield. Really, where is our feared striker?
To me, selling him, or sending him out on loan, sound like a brilliant idea. But perhaps this is just me? It does certainly feel like it most of the time. 

But, while we are on the topic of strikers, I am very much excited about our new signing from Italy! I am no expert in Italian football (I prefer La Liga to Series A, but hush, don’t tell anyone), but from what I have seen, and from what I have read, Fabio Borini does seem like the man cut out for the job- yes, that was a lame reference to his knife-celebrations. He is young and fresh, and seems awfully hungry for glory and goals. I cannot wait to see him in action for us, and I wish him the best of luck! Maybe he is able to succeed where Carroll could not?

Other than this, we have not really seemed to be signing anyone, though it seems like this for most teams, I feel, this year. There are rumors about Welcott coming in (will there actually be any players left at Arsenal when the season starts?). Rumors about both Skrtel and Agger leaving us… Can I just point out how terrible this would be for our club? Why are we not making sure that they both stay, I do not understand. They have time and time again saved us, and they are our best defenders. They both even scored some cheeky goals last season. Letting them leave would be two very big mistakes, and I am for one, am pretty tired of those.  Especially if one of those mistakes involves selling a player to Real Madrid.

But summer is not over yet, and who knows which surprises might show up?

All I know is that we might have a long road ahead of us, if we want to achieve the glory we want, but in the end we will get there, we just need to find the right path and the right players to take us there.
So I say good luck to our new players and our new manager. Here’s to a new season and to at least making it to Europe!

tirsdag 24. juli 2012

Benedicte and Keisha bringing sexy back. Obviously.

mandag 25. juni 2012

We are already at the last of the Quarter-finals! Can you believe it? I certainly cannot. Time has simply just flown without me even realising it, and I just don't want this month, this very very short and lovely month to end. 

Nastya and I are leaving for the Semi-Final in Donetsk soon (in 2 days) and wow- how is that even possible? How can so many matches have been played and so many hours of work been over and done with? 

I've been working in the cafeteria almost everyday- Nastya and I asked Monica if we could just work there, since it's our favourite thing to do, and she said yes. Though, she does have a tendency of sending me to carry those bloody lunch boxes to people- even people who were in the office which we took the boxes from! Mhm, this is deffo my favourite job. This and carrying the boxes with footballs from the storage to the Skyboxes.

I know I've said this before, but I've met so many lovely people whom I'll miss terribly when I leave. Nastya of course, because who else will I sing and dance with in the cafeteria?! Mehdi, Jorge and and my favourite Javi, of course! (You should all make a note of these names, as I'll probably mention them a few times, next time you see me.)

Listening to: Paso - Sak Noel


søndag 17. juni 2012

Endless Summer!

Hola todos!

So here I am in Kyiv for the UEFA EURO'12! Finally, I suppose one can say. Really, I still cannot believe that I'm here, and that I'm actually going to stay here for a month. So amazing!

So things are going pretty well. Our flat is pretty big, and actually a lot more spaceious than we had expected. And the location is great, too. We live 10 min away from the Fan Zone, which is this amazing place filled with shops and food stalls. There is even a Swedish coner, which I love because I can actually understand what they are saying. Besides, they all seem to have a great time there, too. Also, it is filled with hot Swedish guys, so really, I cannot say that I'm complaining.

volunteers in their uniform!! ~side note: i've started drinking coca-cola! can you believe it!?

We also live just 15-20 min away from the Volunteer Center and the stadium. The VC isn't too interesting really. It has a big screen for us to watch matches/tv etc on and a few laptops. We can also make tea and coffee there. And we have fridges with water and Coke. The stadium is really lovely though, which by the way, is the place where I will be working. I'll be working in the UEFA Prestige and Sponsor's villages, where people with money and and sponsors etc stay. Sadly no skyboxes for me. Quite exciting really. I have my first shift today, we'll see how it goes!

So far I've watched all the matches at the Fan Zone. And I was so happy when Denmark beat Netherlands! Amazing, no? And Germany, who won over Portugal! (though there were a few conflicting feelings since Cristiano, Pepe, Contrão etc plays for Portugal- and I love them so very very much. But my love for Mesut Özil is just a bit bigger. Omg, he played so well yesterday, too!

Today I'm so excited about Spain v Italy! Can't even tell you how nervous I am about it!! It is going to be crazy really! Though I'm not sure if I want to watch it in the fan zone of just at the Volunteer Center, as I might get emotional. lol

me with the giant sweden v england ball.

Right, so matches and shifts have come and gone. My second shift wasn't that great in all honesty, as the people I worked with just couldn't be bothered with speaking in English, meaning that I was just walking around there for a billion hours without anyone talking to me. It was so much fuuuuun! My 3rd shift was great though! I had so much fun and I got to know some really awesome people. I was working with Nadiia, too, who is this hilarious girl I work with. She has a tendency of speaking before she thinks, but she is so lovely! Instead of carrying boxes, I was working in the staff bistro, like I had on my first shirt. I love working there because all you do is taking people's lunch vounchers and giving people their trays. You also get to chat to people, which most of you know, is my favourite thing to do. The bistro also have some interesting characters, like the guy who just stares at you, continuously. The guys with the trays who are lovely, and joke around. And of course, the Spanish Madridista (he's from Madrid, too). Three guesses to who I speak with most? He doesn't like Torres though, so I was gutted when i didn't get to rub the fact that Torres scored twice, in his face. haha

my emo lunch. i was so feed up with the people i was working with that i decided to eat alone because i wanted 'alone time' like i told my coordinators. but the lunch was delish tho.

I watched the Spain v Italy match at the VC and it was horrible. That match just killed me really. We were playing so horribly! And Torres didn't start, which I believe to be a big mistake. Playing Cesc, Silva and Iniasta up front didn't work. They needed a forward.
 I watched the Russia v Poland match at a pub with some other volunteers, but left after the first half because they were all speaking Russian, and there was really no point of staying for me as I hate not understanding what's going on around me, nor do I enjoy sitting in silence. Besides, it was a really boring match for me too. That group is so boring as I don't care about any of the teams.

But mostly I've had a good time, and I've met a lot of really nice and fun people. I went to the FanZone to watch Spain v Ireland the other day because I was invited along by one of the guys form volunteering. It was so much fun! the atmosphere was amazing, and well, it only got better when Torres scored the opening goal and then a second one in La Rojas 4-nil win.

he is perfect, no?

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