mandag 25. juni 2012

We are already at the last of the Quarter-finals! Can you believe it? I certainly cannot. Time has simply just flown without me even realising it, and I just don't want this month, this very very short and lovely month to end. 

Nastya and I are leaving for the Semi-Final in Donetsk soon (in 2 days) and wow- how is that even possible? How can so many matches have been played and so many hours of work been over and done with? 

I've been working in the cafeteria almost everyday- Nastya and I asked Monica if we could just work there, since it's our favourite thing to do, and she said yes. Though, she does have a tendency of sending me to carry those bloody lunch boxes to people- even people who were in the office which we took the boxes from! Mhm, this is deffo my favourite job. This and carrying the boxes with footballs from the storage to the Skyboxes.

I know I've said this before, but I've met so many lovely people whom I'll miss terribly when I leave. Nastya of course, because who else will I sing and dance with in the cafeteria?! Mehdi, Jorge and and my favourite Javi, of course! (You should all make a note of these names, as I'll probably mention them a few times, next time you see me.)

Listening to: Paso - Sak Noel


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