fredag 29. april 2011

This. This right here... I don't even. I'm so mad right now. I just can't fucking believe that wanker of a cunt!

Woke up this morning and went on LiveJournal to check up on things when I was greeted with this post: It's unbelievable. smh. Okay, now let is be said that I never liked this man. After all, I'm a Madridista, and he is a fucking diver. But this? This goes so far byeond silly rivalries like the El Clasicó, goes beyond football. This man is suppose to represent a club, represent a country. People, so many people look up to him, and adore him. And this is how he repays them? After all the shit Etoo and Titi had to go through, after the fights they put up, this man has the nerve to do this? With players like Alves on his team. With all the anti-racism campaigns that FC Barcelona has done. He is a disgrace. And he is making a mockery out of all of those who supported him, of his club, his teammates, and his country. Out of football, a game this is suppose to be beautiful, and free for all. It shouldn't matter what kind of skin colour you have, or who you love. Football is about skill and ability. Nothing else should matter except for how you preform on the pitch. This makes me sad and angry and I hope UEFA and Barca will actually do something about this. But I can't imagine him getting anymore then a slap on the wrist though. UEFA never takes action, not any serious ones at least. They are all talk. And we have so many examples of that... In my opinion, he shouldn't be allowed to play. What he's done is severe, and it doesn't just affect that player it was directed at. It affects the fans who love the game, but now don't feel welcome. whiles I was reading the comments over at ontd_football, these was this girl who said that one of her biggest dreams was to watch a match in Spain, but she's afraid of doing so because of the racist slurs that are rather vivid within the stadium. And now, with a player from her favourite team shouting them out, how do you think she feels? I'm gonna send an e-mail to both UEFA and Barca about this to let them know that this cannot be accepted. No way. It needs to be kicked out off the stadiums, off pitch.

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