tirsdag 24. mai 2011

Exams getting the better of me.

Sometimes I'm so pathetic that it hurts. Getting all smiley over stuff posted on fb. I'm kinda like, seriously Keisha? Seriously? This is not the time to start crushing on someone. Nor is it the right person to be crushing on.
I'm blaming it on exams though. They do funny things with your head. True story.

And I'm terrified of going to bed because I'm afraid I'll oversleep. The last couple of days have been pure terror as I've woken up in panic, thinking that I missed my exam. I mean, what if the alarm doesn't go off (all three of them. It could happen!) or if I just sleep through it?

But like (I always say like in my head in the scouse way, idk why though.), I'm torally reminded of why I like sociology. Because I wasn't for a long time. But now I'm like, oh, thats why. And it's nice, you know? I really like the theories of Simmel, Bourdieu, and and, well not so much Weber, but Durkheim yes. And it's kinda like falling in love you know? Or maybe not. More like, realising that hey wait- oh. oh right. That makes senes. The feeling you get when you let yourself be consumed by it. Because you understand then. In that moment when you realise.

And I found this really nice quote as well. I like it, because it takes a dig at philosophy, because it sums up sociology pretty well. And yeah, it sums up what i want to do, I s'pose.

Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point however is to change it.
- Theses on Feuerbach

I think it's quite nice.

Sergio Canales didn't tweet me back.
I guess that beautiful Real Madrid #16 shirt never will be mine. Life is cruel sometimes, I think.

I'm also quite sad that the football season has ended. And I can't believe that I've watched my way through my first football season. There have been so many highs and lows and gaah!

It all started with a Spanish man with freckles and lovely hair. It started with a World Cup and a crying Iker Casillas. It started with Liverpool red and chants of an armband that proved he was a red.

Now it's the end though. And the end was kind of bittersweet because it ended with a Spanish man with freckles and lovely hair. It ended with Premier League matches and passion. It ended with Liverpool red and heartache as red became blue.

But I mean, it's been fun. I found my loyalties, though they have been streched and tested. I found out that red is the lovliest, but that blue can be okay, if only for now.

That white is holy.

Anything can happen really. Red can become blue. Love can quickly turn into hate. And that sometimes, you just have to push things aside, let them slide, accept the fact, no matter how much it hurts.

Yes. I do enjoy being dramatic about football.

Now though, I'm gonna listen to a few more Adele songs and read a bit more before jumping to bed and pray that I'll get up in 4 hours.

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