tirsdag 24. mai 2011

Um. So. Yeah. I'm procrastinating again because I don't want to start revising right after I just had an exam.

Had my exam. Um. yeah. that was fun.

I don't know. it went okay. Nothing more than that if I'm lucky. The questions kind of fucked me over a bit. Because i wanted Simmel and I got Simmel, but not the question I wanted about the stranger or the metroplis or fashion or anything.

So I did the question on Weber and the rise of capitalism something something resulted in 'desenchantment of the world'. Which I kinda knew about and wrote a few pages on.

Um. Then I jumped to the last section (there were three questions and three hours) and choose the Latour question about how non-human was important to sociology. Eh. Don't actually know if what I wrote here made sense, but I ranted about technologies and cyborgs and whatnot. And about commodities.

From the second section I choose the Bourdieu question about habitus, because really, there was no way I could answer the Simmel question. Bad times. Um. I did write a few pages, but not too much. I don't know.

And like, you see people write a billion pages, going on the third booklet while you're on your first and you're totally like: fuck fuck fuuuuuuck. And I never learn either, that's the thing. So I always look around. And then I panic.

Also, because its actually so sad and pathetic that its turned funny, but like, I have one friend in my course. 2 years, and only one person I talk to. How much of a massive fail is that? But yay, we're doing two (at least) of the same subjects next year. Which is good. Because I need someone to talk to. And kill time with. And yeah. We get on quite well, which is a surprise. It used to be lots of awkwardness.

Don't want to revise, but I just realise that there is nothing better to do really. Um yeah. So, i'm gonna go and talk to Jess about the next exam. And be like, what are you revising? Okay.

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