fredag 27. mai 2011

WOW that's so interesting, please never stop talking!

Had my Consumer Culture and Advertising exam today. That was fun...

I had this awkward game going on with The Rugby Guy which consisted of us not looking at each other and stealing glances while the other wasn't looking. Not that I admit to anything.

Lets not talk about the exam. I don't think I've ever written something so horrible ever.

Also, there was a awkward moment when the fire alarm went off two minutes before the exam was over.

I finsished that heart breaking chapter last night/ this moring at 4. It was really hard, and I admit to feeling the tears press as I wrote those hateful words spoken by my character's parents. I think part of what makes it so horrible, is that it's actually an actuallity for some. There are actually parents, friends whatever, who would just not over come their prejudice, even for someone they love.

I've written 13500 words so far, which isn't that good. I really need to step it up a bit as it's only 2700 words per chapter.

I'm thinking about printing out and sending in some job applications. It would be nice to do something a bit different, if only at a different place this summer. We'll see what happens.

Gina totally made my day yesterday or was it the day before? Anyway, she totally ofered to come with me to Danmark if it had fitted with her schedual. Which it didn't. But its the thought that counts!

I also got the postcard from her the other day! Hurraz! 

FIFA is opening a ethical proceeding against the president Sepp Blatter after he's been accused of being corrupt. All I really have to say is LOL. It wouldn't suprised me at all. There is so much shit going on at both FIFA y UEFA that is't just ridiculous. From the dismissal of any complaints about Busquets to the World Cup Bid. Yet I still would love to work for either. Life is funny sometimes.  

Its the CL tomorrow and I'm so not excited about it. I can't figure out who i want to win. I keep changing my mind. On the one hand, as a Liverpool fan, I would love for Man United to lose and just fail at life. But on the other hand, I don't want Barcelona to win either. I lost my respect for so many of their players, players I used to love and respect after the El Clasicós, like Xavi and his "Football won." and "Alonso, Ramos, Arbeloa, Albiol? I don't know them even though I've played on the same NT with them for the last 6 years". Nor do I respect the club. If they choose to stand behind a racist cunt, well then, I can't help but send them a big fat fuck you.

"Det hadde vært morsom om Ryan Giggs hadde markert seg sikkelig professionelt etter all peppern han har fått i det siste." Um. what? Like he didn't deserve it! If the man can't fucking keep it in his pants, then he get's what he deserves. If he want to 'have his fun' then he shouldn't have gotten married, should he? Wanker. Cheaters to the left, plz.

"Advokat mener at overgrep på barn ikke bør straffes." What the fuck is wrong with people?! Apparently its a burden for the child. You know what, that's the most fucked up thing I've heard in a long time. So the person just deserves to walk freely, harm and molest other childen? The world is so fuck up it hurts.

Hannah Montana's 'Best of Both Worlds" on P4 Hits. Oh yeah, gotta love Norwegian radio.

My next exam is 'Football y Society'. It's on the 9th of June. The 9th of June. The 9th. 9th. See, it's once again fate. I also happen to live in flat 9. You see, 9 is my favourite number. And obviously has nothing at all to do with Fernando Torres. Of course not.

But anyway, that's like ages away. Like, seriously. WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH MY LIFE?!

Its Fernando Torres y Olalla Dominguez Torres' 2nd wedding anniversary today. It's weird that they've only been married for two years when they've been together for 11 years. And that's a seriously long time for a 27 year old! *eats chocolate and drinks coffee while humming slightly on 'All By Myself'.

I might go out tonight. We'll see.

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