mandag 6. juni 2011

- May in short -

High: Liverpool match where Pia and i had freakin awesome seats. Cinema and various other things.

Low: Busquets for help destroying my naive look on football, running out of money and living on rice.

Embarrassing moment: I don't think I did anything that embarrassing. Or well, there was the moment in Fylde bar when Pia and I were watching the Chelsea v Newcastle, was it? I don't remember. Anyway, irrelevant. So we were watching it and stuff and Fernando had yet to make his way on to the pitch because he was a sub (bitchface). Pia has to go to the loo, and of course, of course when she is pretty far away from me, Fernando Torres appears on the screen. And since I'm me, and since it was Nando, well, I just had a semi-freak out and screamed (yes, I screamed/squee'ed): "NANDO! Omg, Pia! Nandooooo!" Not my finest moment, I can admit to that. People looked and judged me. I'm okay with that. I got to see Nando on a massive screen up close.

Annoying: Including or excluding exams? The fact that I have insomnia so bad right now its insane.

Pleased with: Surviving this year. We'll see how things turn out. My Spanish skills are not as horrible as I though, which is good.

Uni has been...: The same as it has been all year.

Spare time...: Alright. I can't say i've done too much. I've hung out with Pia (footie match, bbq and going out + X-Men). Though to be honest, uni and spear time sorta blends in with one another.

Money spent on...: Um. I think Liverpool FC renewed my membership? I'm not sure as I'm scared of checking my bank statement. Other then that I've spent my money on rice, alcohol and a cinema ticket.

Watched this month: So, I've watched Dr. Who, lots and lots of football, the three last eppies of this series Gossip Girl because I can't be arsed watching the whole series, Games of Thrones, Supernatural, Glee, Bones, Vampire Diaries, The Kids Are Alright, Life As We Know It, No Strings Attached, Beastly, I Am Number Four, X-Men, Billy Elliot, Invictous, Russell Howard Live, Eurovision (sadly enough), the film about Man United.
Read this month: Simmel and Durkheim, as well as lots on Marx, Burdieu among others. And ofc, Truth & Dare (x3), We Shall Overcome and others.

Guilty because of...: Various things.

Things to look forward to in July: Being able to go home. I miss home so so soo much right now. It's been a along an tough year, and now all I want to do is go home and just be home. Hug my mum and see my friends again. Because god, I miss them all.

Things to dread in July: Working, mainly.

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