mandag 11. juli 2011

I just remembered how much I actually have failed with this blog. Because I remember that the reason why I decided to start it up again was because I wanted to write in Norwegian, because I missed writing in Norwegian. Yeah, that worked out great didn't it? I guess it is just something that I've gotten so use to now, you know? Like, I have a hard time writing in Norwegian, because I never actually do. I'll write in Norwegain whenever I'm talking to people on facebook chat, but that's about it, and even then, I tend to write in part English, part Norwegian.

Anyway,  recently got inspired to look for places where I can take my Master's... And I don't know, I've been looking at colleges in New York and Texas. I don't even know why Texas, because like Zana said, their politics suck. i think it's just because I don't know where I'd want to actually go. i mean, with Canada, it was pretty straight forward, Vancouver seems awesome, but with the US? Geez Luise!
Anyone have a good ideas for a state or cities? San Diego is a nice city, as far as i've heard... Also, the whole system confuses me with their state schools and public and private schools. I'm kind of like WHAT THE HELL IS THE DIFFERENCE?! JUST GIVE ME A FUCKING SCHOOL WITH ANTHROPOLOGY!
so yeah, the seach for a college isn't going too well...

I'm going to see Harry Potter tomorrow night! Christ, how scary isn't that? My childhood will then be officially over.

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