torsdag 13. oktober 2011

i will at some point in my life actually bother to spell check things. i never do. sorry.

Yes, this will actually be a proper update. Or, at least, that is that plan. But let's face it, I've never been very good at keeping a pace with mine (and other's) plans.

So have people been? Lol, yeah that kinda means, how have you been Gina?
Here, things have been super duper stressfull, yet fun fun fun!

But let's just strart with the travel from Norway to England first yeah? Well, my flight from Evenes ended up being 3 or 4 hours delayed. I got a food cupond. Fuck yeah bitches. You wish you were as lucky. And let me also tell you, that manovering two giant suitcases + one cabin bag (mini suitcase), just doesn't work. I had to take two at a time and then run back to fetch the last one. it was a right mess! Y I have the bruises to show for it!

I'm all moved in now as well. Which was a hassle (for Jess) because they delivered my shit just as my plane landed at Manchester. My room is a bit messy though, 'cause I'm still not quite sure where to put everything. But I have my books all set up, my dvds and my pictures and a few clip outs have been put on the walls/pin boards. Hooray!

What else is there?

peeta is the one in black. the other is gale.
Oh, right, my trip to Kyiv! That was well fun! I didn't think I'd enjoy traveling on my own, but I actually did. It was really refreshing. And i think the interview went okay. Hopefully it did! I didn't actually do much when I was there. i was suppose to go find this free walking tour, but the clouds where coming, so i settled on just going to a chain coffee shop, in which i sat for hours, reading the first book in The Hunger Games triology. Btw, these books yeah? So so sooo good. I read all three of them in four days. Though it was probably more like three. But seriously, check them out. My favourite characted ended up being Peeta. I'm a sucker for the baker's son, okay?! Aaaaaand, guess what I found out! The boy/man who is going to play Peeta is Josh Hutcherson! I've been perving on that guy for so long. y now i'm super duper excited!

Other then that, Kyiv was quite an interesting place to visit. Its not really a place i'd go to again, without having a plan. As of yet, its not a very touristy place you know? But with the Euros, I'm guessing that will change. Oh, I almost forgot! God, the diving there is the worst! Jesús Navas y San Iker. that was so crazy shit.

I've joined the football team! hooray! The girls are all super nice, and I'm really liking it so far. We had a social last night, and i don't think i've quite recovered just yet. I'm on my way to check out the knitting society as well today with kate. i'm such a dork.


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