fredag 28. oktober 2011

My tickets for the England v Spain match arrived today!!!!!!!!!

and they are so pretty omg! and gosh, a whole lot bigger then my liverpool tickers. and the porter at the post room (who btw knows my name) asked what they were for, and i told her that it was for this match and she said that she was well jelly about it, told me to enjoy the match and have fun. :D i love our porters in furness. best porters, best college, best pub (even if it's not open atm).
but lookie how pretty they are!
aaah, look at that price. yeah, not being able to afford food for the rest of term is a fair price to pay if you ask me. i have rice and food colouring, i'll be fine.

also, people need to get on tumblr. and i'll follow you bitches. i'll be well fun.

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