søndag 27. november 2011

And after all I'm glad that I'm not your type

i thought i probably should update with an actual update as i realised that 90% of the content of this blog involves Fernando Torres. and now this enty does too! but it don't plan it like that, honestly. its just me, being me. and that usually means that Señor Torres is going to be involved. at least its mostly just him (and The Ramos) and not like footy in general, which i'm sure you all are very thankful for! but just as a quick note, barca lost last night, whereas the glorious Real Madrid won the El Derbi de Capital against Atleticó Madrid. Liverpool is playing Man City today, so fingers crossed for us to win that, and last but not least, RIP Gary Speed, the Wales manager who commited suicide. my thoughts go out to everyone who stood him close.

november in general has been s hard month. i hate it. hate it so much. i don't deal well with this time of year. to me, november, and this period of year, it just feels like a dementor has sucked the joy and happiness out, and all i ever want to do is sleep. sleep sleep sleep. i could sleep all day. i'm so tired all the time.
but i try and remember that this has in fact been a good month. it truly has. i mean, i got to see La Roja play at wembley for the very first time, and that was the most amazing experience ever. i got to see these players that i look up to and admire a lot, and it was magical. we didn't win, i missed the only goal and there was this little girl bitchfaceing me, but who cares about that? i got to watch Sergio Ramos up close, got to see him bending over... and i got to see Fernando Torres. i can't even begin to explain that one. i almost started crying. fact.

another thing to be thankful for, of course, is the fact that i got picked for the UEFA EURO2012 Volunteer Program! I have no idea what i'm going to be doing, or how long i'll be in Kiev or anything really. all i know is that i got it, and that i will spend some of my summer in Keiv. i can't wait, it is going to be so much fun, i think! and i'll hopefully get to see more of Kiev this time around, since i hardly got to see any of it last time i went.
but the best thing about november is that after it comes december, and nothing is better than december (except perhaps Fernando Torres' ass). i can't wait to go home! i think i've sorted most of my christmas presents, only have a few left.

what else has happened? Rach and i went to Preston the other day. it was a dead good day out. we went to the museum and primark. had cinnamon hot chocolate and cake. we also went to see Arthur Christmas, which was a cute film.
i got my hair cut yesterday, but people hardly notice it. but it needed to be done.
gotten addicted to a new Shakira song. well, its not new obviously, but whatevs. i just love 'Don't Bother'. and i'm not going to go on and on about how beautiful Shakira is this time. but she really is though! and i have gotten Rach addicted to the Ylvis song 'Stonehenge'. how amazingly funny isn't that? if you somehow missed that song, check it out now. i promise you you'll forever be bothered about what the meaning of stonehenge actually is. i mean, they rolled it 46 miles from Wales, so what is its purpose? is it a prison far too easy to escape or was it just two stone-age guys wondering what to do who said; hey dude, let's build a henge or two!

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