søndag 18. desember 2011

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Day 06: Picture of a place you've been:

 At the Bernabéu; the glorious stadium of Real Madrid. It was such an epic place to visit, and I simply must go back to watch a match there when I move to Spain. I simply must must muuuust! Not sitting on the very top though!

Day 07 - Songs you listen to when you're Happy, Sad, Hyped, Bored and Mad: Happy. Hyped. Bored. Mad. Sad.

Day 08 - A picture of someone that has the biggest impact on you:

 Who else? i'll come back later to why he has had such a big impact on me in this meme thing, but for now, i'm just going to say that he is an inspiration, not matter what everyone else thinks or says.

Day 09 - A fictional book: "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" - Stephen Chobosky. I read it yesterday, and it was quite amazing. 'Charlie' is a wonderful character that you can't help fall in love with. it's written cleverly and it's a book that both makes your heart ache and smile.

Day 10 - Something random: I really love sheep.

Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends:

 Picture of the flat (+ Louisa) from last year, I believe. Looks Christmasy, so I think it might have been last christmas...

Day 12 - Your views on gay marriage: I don't see what the difference is, marriage is marriage. People should love who ever they want to love.

Day 13 - Nicknames you have, and why you have them: Keisha, Quiche and The Viking. Pretty self-expainatroy i think. The viking because i'm norwegian. obviously.

Day 14 - Your favourite actor: Shia LaBeouf! Forever Shia! Omg, like, so much.

Day 15 - A good book: The Book Theif - Markus Zusak.

Day 16 - A non fictional book: Steven Gerrard: My autobiography.

Day 17 - Something that is currently over-rated: The X-Factor. Little Mix are the worst, omg.

Day 18 - Something that is currently under-rated: Garlic Bread.

and to finish it off, here is a lovely interview. If you don't fall in love, i don't understand you at all...!

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