tirsdag 28. februar 2012

Come on, skinny love, just last the year.

It is that time of the week or whatever, again. Finally, finally, an update from what has you be your favourite blog og all time, right? Because really, where else can you get the insightfulness from which you can get right here? No where, I say!

Today, I sit before you typing this, all dressed sexily up on my pj. Oh yeah, i know you all want to see that. It is well sexy, I tell you!

So, there had been quite a lot happening if i am to be honest with you all, which I usually am anyway. Let's start with the bad things, right? I like bad news first, then good, because it makes more sense to be to be sad then happy, rather than happy and then sad. Anyone else agree with that theory, or is it just me? Anyway, the sadest news i have to share with you involves on Fernando Torres. He didn't get called up for the National Team. I don't even know what do with myself. I may have cried a bit when I found out. It is not like it is something that wasn't expected or anything, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt any less. And with this comes the fear that he might not be picked for the Euro squad, which is something I don't know if I could deal with. Hopefully, this will be exactly what he needs and from now on, he will score a hattric in every single match until May. I am worried for him. Four years ago, he was the one who scored the winning goal against Germany, and now he might not even be picked for the team... it's sad and heart breaking.

I'm also ill. I have been ill basically since I got back from Norway. It is like this on/off thing. one week I'm all good, the next I'm dead. Last week I was dead, this week, only semi so. I also have developed itchy hands, and I have no idea what it comes of. I probably will have to ask my mum.

Um, in good and better new/stuff that has happened over the last eh... 3 weeks or so(?), I have had my two lovely mates over for a visit! it was a lot of fun, and I got to intoduce them to my flatmates, the 15 hours bar crawl and the surrounding areas! As well as 'Spoons, the slightly sleesey pub/bar i spend too much time in, to be honest. They do good deals, tho, okay?! Burger, chips and a drink for only 4.10 is a bargin! So it two pitchers for 10! Not to mentions that the wine is on an alright price as well.

and of course, i went to see Ron Pope with Pia in Manchester last Wednesday! It was amazing, and brilliant! And wow, I'd love to go to another one of his concerts. He played all of my favourite songs except for 'Silly notes and Gypsy clothes'. He told jokes and I even got my picture taken with him. I look like a tool tho... so don't judge me, because I was swimming with a serious fever at the time.

see, total pleb!
Listening to: Skinny Love - Birdy.


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