fredag 16. mars 2012

I carry your heart with me. I carry it in my heart.

three other girls and I are trying to find a flat in Kyiv/Kiev for the Euros and it it a right nightmare at the moment. I'm trying to find something fairly cheap (after all, I'm so skint it's silly) and with four BEDrooms, but all I get are expensive places with four rooms, e.g three bedrooms and a living room. I mean, i don't give a shit about having a jacuzzi, you know? I just want a bed. And a place where I can make food. That's all.
The other really fun thing about this is that I have no idea how to finance it! I mean, i would need money for the flights, accommodation, food and general leisure... But i just don't have time to get a job with all this shit I have to do... Ooops.

So I'm moping in my room with a cup of tea...

Listening to: Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift ft. Civil Wars

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