tirsdag 20. mars 2012

If you let me inside your world, there is going to be one less lonely girl

do you guys know just how demotivating it is to start working on your lit review when you've just handed in an essay which you finished off this morning? let me tell you, it is very demotivating!

On the bright side, we actually did find out our exam timetable today! Wee! And as I predicted, my two exams are pretty close to each other, which I in all honesty don't mind at all. Downer? I have an exam on the 17th of May!!! Boo!! I also have an exam on the 18th. And do you know what this means? 1) I finish before most of my friends which has never happened in the history of the world. I'm always super duper late with my exams. 2) I have around 18 days of just chilling before I go to Kiev! How amazing isn't that?

I've been chatting to Anastasia about Euro stuff since we'll be living together for the month and because we're also going to be working int he same area; hospitality. Though, I still do not know exactly what I will be doing, so there is no point of asking me! We don't even know if we'll be working inside or outside the KYI stadium! Kind of a fail, I know.

You know what's coming, surely, you must!
Yes, yes! The day finally arrived when my precious Fernando Torres got not only one, but TWO goals! I was so happy that I cried. You guys have no idea what those goals did to me, the relief I felt. After 5 months, it was finally, finally his time to shine again. Now he just needs to continue this, so that he can get into the Euro squad again!

Of course, there were other, more important things which has happened in football in the last few days. Febrice Muamba, the 23 year-old Bolton player collapsed on the pitch Saturday, when he's heart stopped beating. Thankfully, he is recovering and all sighs point in the right direction. However, it is always so scary when things like these happen. it shakes me to the core. Hopefully he'll make a full recovery.

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