tirsdag 13. mars 2012

It's Tetris!

So guess what you guys! I'm about to start week 9 our of 10 of this term! How fucking crazy isn't that? Personally, I cannot believe it. Seriously, I am pretty damn shocked my this relvelation I had. Week 9. You know what that means? In a week, I will start my last week in the last 'official' and proper term at uni. Mental, that is what it is! We will hopefully get our exam timetable this up-coming week, so I will finally be able to plan my summer a bit more and find out how I'm going to do the Euro + Exam thing. I hope I have my exams really early, just so I can be finished with them and so I do not have anything else to worry about except for tripping on my robe during graduation and not finding a place to stay while in Kyiv.

Because yeah, that thing called Graduation is coming up really soon! For those of you who don't know it, I'll be graduating on the 17th of July at 2:30 pm I believe it is. We got an email the other day about it. So I have now booked my place and got my mum a ticket for the event. But for those of you who can't be there in person, but who want to get in the action, you can still watch them mess up my name! Amazing news isn't it? Because I'm sure you all would very much love to watch me stumble across the stage, red-faced as hell. It will be glorious and not to be missed. So you are probably wondering how this is fact possible? Well, my dear friends, Lancaster University has an online stream that shows the graduation cermonies all over the world! Yes, it is magnificent, no? Anyway, I shall come back with more news about this as it is actually approaching, cannot be bother by doing it now.

There isn't a lot happening here in lancaster at the moment, at least not with me. I don't have time for silly student life things at this point. And that is actually sadly true. I have so much to do that I hardly have time to breathe! But so far, I've got it under control, I just need to stick to my plan, which though I have never been any good at, i will just have to do. There is no other option. Except for joining the circus. Because that is still my back-up plan if everything else fails!
I have to go to the learning zone again to day with Pia, as I am suppose to finish up this essay for this week. Its 4000 words, so I better get started to be honest. But ugh, I'm so fed up with Le'Zone at the moment! Pia and I have spent our whole weekend in there, just trying (and failing) to work. it's dreadful. But it has to be done so...

Labrinth at The Sugarhouse

Oh, we also went to see Labrinth on Sunday at the Sugarhouse! Though he didn't come until 3 hours later than expected, the show was really good. I really enjoyed watching him preform. For those of you who don't know who it is, it is this guy, check him out below. He even did a little jingle with his guitar, which was quite cool. I'd deffo go and see him preform again, once he has released his album. Another person I'd love to see is Tinie Tempah. I really love Tinie Tempah, he is awesome, and probably would be quite good like. Damn me, moving back to Norway! And who will I go to concerts and shit with now, when I'm moving to a place where I have no friends?! Christ, I haven't thought about this no friends aspect yet. Ah bugger!

Oh, shit, I better get going actually! lecture ahead! 
Much love, Keisha x

Earthquake ft Tinie Tempah by Labrinth on Grooveshark

Listening to: Black & Yellow -Wiz Kalifha

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