fredag 13. april 2012

You make breaking hearts seem so easy, seems like you've done this before

How are you all? Good, I hope!
Here things are the way they always have been. I'm procrastinating and blissfully ignoring the fact that I have too much work to do.
Yesterday, I hung out with Becky. We went to town and eat some food at Revs and then the cinema to see The Hunger Games again. It was nice to hang out with someone again. I mean, I spend so much time in the library or Learning Zone or in my room, that actually leaving these area are like an adventrue for me at this point! The food was good and I still loved The Hunger Games, so it's all good.

On Wednesday, Pia and I went to the McFly concert in Preston. It was really good and the opening act really suprised me with their decent music. I don't remember what the first band was called, but the second one, Ivyrise were quite good. They also tweeted me back, so I like them even more. McFly were great! Pia and I managed to get really close to the stage, so I was able to drool all over Dougie and his beautifully tattooed arm. Nom nom. Tattoos just makes you so so sooo much more sexy. Obviosly, they have to be nice tattoos.

Dougie! This is the only decent picture I've got of him...sadly enough.
Anyway, the only thing that dissapointed me was the lack of songs from their latest album, which I had spend all my time listening to and actually now liking quite a bit. And it was painfully obvious that I haven't been a fan for long. It made me want to see The All-American Rejects actually, because if they had done that, i would have known every single song I realised. The only songs I don't know are from their newest album.
Sadly, it is painfully obvious that I'm still struggling with this stupid glandual fever crap, as I ened up feeling so dizzy and ill that I had to leave the crowd and sit down downstairs for a while. I just don't have the energy anymore to do that kind of thing, and it's so frustrating. I really hope I don't get like that during my volunteering. It's fine if I can just sit down for a little while.

And it's also frustrating because I really want to go for a run, but mthe doctor said that I was strickly not to train or anything like that for a month. And I can see why, I mean, my body is just failing at doing anything that involves a lot of energy.

I'm off to work on my essay now. Speak to you later!

Listening to: Feel Good Drag - Anberlin


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