lørdag 12. mai 2012

All I ever wanted was the world

So it's the 9th of May (actually, by the time I finished writing this, its the 12th lol), and I am in the middle of revision. Let me tell you, it is no fun at all. In fact, it is rather boring. But on the bright side, I've only got two exams and one of them is only for a half module. Now I just need the sun to start shining because I'm so goddamn tired of this rain which is just pouring down right now. It is always raining. And I'm really starting to despise rain. Really.

My beautiful ticket!
On a much, much brighter side; my tickets for semi-final in Donetsk arrived today! The ticket looks well pretty and it is so nice, and gosh! How exciting isn't it that I get to go to a Euro match? Of course though, this is me, and when does anything run smoothly for me? Donetsk is pretty far away from Kyiv, and by regular train, it takes 12 hours. The distance didn't even counter in. It is obvious that I've lived in this country for too long when I kind of expect any journey to just take a few hours. Can anyone blame me though? I'm living in England, this tiny tiny country! It would take me 2 and half hour to get to London or Edinburgh by train and by car it would be around 6. Thankfully, Ukraine has gotten these high speed trains now, so it'll shorten the train ride considrably, which is good! And according to our Ukrainian friends, the prices aren't too bad, like they are far better than they are here. Oh, I don't even want to think about how much it is going to cost getting a train to London during the Olympics! I would cost me around £50 now, just imagine in July!
And in more volunteering related news, we have found our 4th flatmate! Hooray! The funny thing about my flatmates is that they are all named Anastasia. I will need to come up with a nickname for them all! Right now they are kind of just Anastasia 1, 2 and 3. I have also booked my flight, and me and Anastasia (1) are going to meet up at the airport and take a taxi together to the flat people and stuff, which is great, because I was really worried about this part as I'd rather not take a taxi in Kyiv on my own, as I'd get massivly ripped off. And taking the bus would result in me having to walk for ages, dragging my suitcase. I wouldn't mind this option, if I wasn't bringing luggage that is suppose to serve me for a whole month. Thankfully, this is now another thing I will not need to worry about, and I'm glad. However, what I am worried about right now, is fitting into my volunteer uniform! When we applied we had to put down our sizes, but sizes are diffucult, no? And I have a sneaking feeling that mine might be too small, so I'm now doing everything I can to loose some weight. This involves a mix of pilates, 'sun kissed abs' workout + the hunger games workout. I do this twice a day for an hour-hour and a half. Due to my money situation, I also only eat porridge for breakfast and for dinner, plus snack on some cucumber in-between. I even found some inspiration in my favourite WAG; Sara Carbonero. Obviously, the point is not to look like her, she is far too thin, but she is a great inspirating in life with her brilliant career (sports reporter), beautiful boyfriend (Iker Casillas) and great style! I really love her.

Sara Carbonero (or Sara Carbonara which I sometimes call her by mistake)
In other aspects of my life, there isn't a lot happening to be honest. I'm stressing about how I should get everything back home, and if I should/could sell some stuff on ebay, but I have no idea how to do this. I might try and sell something after my exams. Like my purple heels. I don't want to though, because they are soo pretty, but they are too big for me! I might try and sell my black pair as well, as they heel on them are just too high and I can't walk in them. I'll have to try them on later today.
I've spent most of my days just revising. Though yesterday, Pia and I had a taco night, which was nice because I haven't had proper food like that in aaages! We also had doritos and brownies. It was well lush, honestly, and I ended up with a huge foodbaby which I named Carlos. I also did my workout and while I was waiting for my hair to dry I wrote another entry in my volunteering diary and drew the tattoo I'm getting in July on my foot. I really like it, and now I can't wait to get this tattoo! Now I need to do my workout before meting up with Pia!

I fucked up his face... and the fox's face... lol

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