mandag 30. mai 2011

Its actually sunny today...

I started watching Supernatural again. I don't know why I ever stopped as its one of my favourite shows. It has everything from action and comedy to really attractive men. I mean, OH HELLO Sam! So weird seeing him as sweet and annoying Dean in Gilmore Girls, to you know, not so sweet and annoying, but very attractive man. I am missing vintage Sam however, because I'm not too fond of badass Sam with no compassion. Besides, as much as I like semi long hair on guy (something that developed after I fell in love with Sergio Ramos, of course), I think it's time for a hair cut bro. YES, I LIKE MY BOYS PRETTY, sue me. (though plz don't cause I'm only living on my student loan.)
But anyway, I kinda wish they weren't brothers because then i would totally ship them. But they are, and incest is never cool. Not even in Game of Thrones. Which btw, has a lot of it. It's a good series though, I really like it.

In other newsish things not a lot has been happening. i've been drinking coffee. I've written a drunken rant about the CL inc with Barca hate. I've written the most heart breaking chapter so far. I also read the most heart breaking chapter. It was really horrible to read because now... I don't know what's gonna happen. Because the two characters have jusr fucked each other up so so badly, and now, now they both just broke and yeah...

I've made some new friends over the weekend though, so hurraz for that. I also met a random Norwegian guy and he got me a veggie burger when we headed home because I didn't have any money. And I know someone how also lives on rice with soya sauce. Fuck yeaah! Because no one here seems to have rice with soya sauce, and I'm like, what? It's soya sauce, it's quite normal to have with rice I think, no?
And like, while we're on the topic of rice, I have now started to use my paella rice, because my basmati is gone. And it was weird like 'cause it is basically like pudding rice. Actually, it's the same rice. So it felt like I was eating grøt you know, just with soya sauce. It was nice though like, because it's rice. It's just really thick. Which of course is why it's used for dishes like paella in Spain. I have to make it when I get home me thinks, its just so nice.

Safetysuite is still like, the playlist that is constantly on when I'm only my laptop. The more I listen to them, they more I like them. Now i even like the song 'Annie', which I hated before.

I really want to go home now. I can't wait to be home. If I could go today, I would.

Also, if anyone wanna go somewhere this summer or whatever, let me know! I'm up for traveling anyday. Otherwise i'll probably and hopefully just end up going to Spain for the language course thing. We'll see. Pia y I are also thinking of Ibiza. Lol, I know right? But, I feel like it's one of those places every student should visit at least once in their lives. Anyone who want to join, please do! I think it would be pretty epic to go there, no? Besides, Ibiza isn't just partying, it's really a beautiful place and has lots of things to see and do (tihi). One could even do some celeb spotting (okay, I mean football hotties spotting, but would you really complain if you say Cesc Fabregas? He's single now as well, just, you know, so you know). So yeah, you should totally join us.

Um. Okay, I have nothing else to write now. So i'm gonna watch another episode of Supernatural because yeah. There's nothing for me to do yet. And like, I need to straighted my hair, and so I might as well watch supernatural in the mean time, no?

i totally failed to mention that it was (now) Captain Fantastic's birthday yesterday. Celebrating with this awsome macro.

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