søndag 29. mai 2011

Day One - Look up your horoscope for today and tell us how accurate you think it is.

Capricorn May 29 – When you realise you’re not the only one, it shows. You seem more calm and relaxed about your place in the scheme of things. It’s just an illusion, though. You never were out on your own. It’s a lesson for the future.
- Cosmo UK

Um, okay. I didn't really fit with my day as I got up at 15:00 this afternoon and experienced no other feeling than the need to listen to some Biebster. However, my personality description for my zodiac sign is really accurate. it didn't use to fit that well, but now it does. A lot. Both the good and the bad really. From being conservative and being distant/reserved to being loyal and ambitious.

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