onsdag 25. mai 2011

The list is here! And I'm so excited that I just can't hide it! I wanna be dancing on the ceiling, oh what a feeling!

PORTEROS (goalkeepers): Iker Casillas, José Manuel Reina (also known as Pepe, since José usually becomes Pepe in like Spanish speaking countries), Víctor Valdés.

DEFENSAS (defenders): Álvaro Arbeloa, Raúl Albiol, Sergio Ramos, Gerard Piqué, Carlos Marchena, Joan Capdevila, Andoni Iraola.

CENTROCAMPISTAS (Midfielders): Xabi Alonso, Sergio Busquets (hope that thing doesn't get to play), Santiago Cazorla, Andrés Iniesta, Bruno Soriano, Borja Valero.

DELANTEROS (Forwards): David Villa, David Silva, Fernando Llorente (actually, a bit of triva for you: he's full name is Fernando Llorente Torres. He also wears very tight shirts. Seriously.), Fernando Torres, Pedro Rodríguez, Manu Del Moral, Álvaro Negredo.
(Doesn't the spanish words just sound sexier? Mmm. They really do. Its all in the 'r's and in the 's'.)

There are no younglings on the squad as there also will be call-ups for the Under 21 for Euro stuff but there is plenty of hot stuff to jog around! 

And as a warning note: They will meet up at Ciuada del Fútbol de Las Rozaz (also known as the soccer city) on the 31th, which means that this blog will probably have a few more pictures of sexy training sessions and streching exercises from that day and 'til the national duty is over. 

The team will travel to the states on the first of June and the first match will be on the 4th of June against the US at 16:41 local time. So that will probably be fun to watch. Also, what kind of time is 16:41? 41? What? I don't even...

Then the team will travel to Venezuela where they will play the second match  against Venezuela on the 7th of June at 16:00 local time.

But I had no exams during these times, so hurraz! which means I can quite possibly fuck my sleep pattern up for this.

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