onsdag 25. mai 2011


The U-21 Euros are held in Denmark. In Denmark!!!!

Had I actually known this before, I could have gone and watched bb!Spain play. Well, there are still tickets, but I don't have any money. And like, I would only be able to catch the last game of the qualifiers. But still! and the tickets are seriously cheap as well. No more than 250 dkk for like a semi finals + final ticket. I mean, is this real life? And that's like the most expensive! Hmm... I wonder how like, expensive it would be to go... I'm sure I could find money somehow.

SOMEONE please tell me you want to come with me? I'll like, love you forever and ever and like, bake you the best cake ever and buy you an awesome christmas present and yeah! You can totally like, just come with me to Denmark and just I don't know, not attend the matches if that the problem? Um, seriously. Someone? Pretty pretty please?

BOJAN will be there. Bojan, people. Bojan! And and and Javi Martínez. And let me tell you, they are very sexy on the U-21 team. And on the U-20. And the U-19.

(Norway didn't qualify.)

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