onsdag 25. mai 2011

LAST ONE, I promise! There's just a lot happening today, footballwise!

(runs of to kickette y ondn_fb to double check that I didn't miss anything)

Okay. So like, Sergio Canales is obviously leaving Real Madrid this summer, which is you know, not a surprise as the boy never actually gets to play and all that jazz. But it has yet to be decided if it's only going to be a loan or if they are going to sell him. And like, he was super sweet when he spoke about it at the Fotball Draft event, where he said:
“Next week, I’ll meet with the club to speak about my future.  Being here is incredible for me, but I need to and I want to play.  It’s been a very complicated year, but there have been very many positive things.  It hasn’t been a lost year, because I’ve learned a lot.  My teammates helped me a lot during those moments when I played and I can tell I’ve learned a lot.  I haven’t left yet.  But if I leave and Madrid wants me to return, I would like to.  But first I have to know what I’m going to do.”
- via UnaMadridista.

He was also awarded the Best Teammate award during this event and was named into the Golden Team. Aw. How sweet isn't that?

I mean, like, gosh! Liverpool needs to buy him. For real. They need to get younger players anyway and he, I think, would be a nice addition to the midfield, which is still not the same after Xabi left... Not to mention that I sure would make my way over to Liverpool even more often, if you catch my drift? jajaja I'm also still hoping that we're gonna buy Bojan, but yeah... heh. doubt that'll ever happen. But it does seem that he too is on his way, leaving Barcelona behind (oh what a shame. . .), though nothing will be decided before after the Champion's League final on Saturday. We'll just have to wait and see. Transfer season is going to be interesting this year, I personally think.

Anyway, I'm very interested in seeing where he [Sergio Canales] ends up, and hopefully it'll be at a club in the EPL because that would have been great, and I think he would benefit a lot from playing in it. As long as its not some shitty team like, well, lets not name any names, shall we? I'll probably end up jinxing it. Probably have already. But seriously though, I really do honest to God believe that Liverpool need to invest in some young talent instead of just players with a fuck load of experience. This way they will get something fresh into the play, they will get to shape them and yeah. It has worked for Arsenal, hasn't it? they might not have won anything this season, but they are at the top 4 of the table. Admitidly, they should have been higher up, but something just seemed to fail them at the end of the season. But whatever. Ya'll get what I mean!

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