torsdag 26. mai 2011

What I learned today.

So today as been oh so productive. And this is what I've learned today.

  • There will be Sernando from next week as both Sergio Ramos y Fernando Torres was called up for national duty. Also known as too-much-hotness-for-poor-keisha-to-take-without-having-to-through-herself-at-a-random-guy-she-meets-or-dream-herself-away-in-her-room-time.
  • Crushes are the devil. When am I gonna learn? The answer is obviously never ever.
  • Never watch Game of Thrones in the middle of the day, people who walk by your room will think you're watching porn.
  • UEFA is stupid (okay, I didn't actually learn that today) and that my chance of seeing Bojan play just vanished as soon as it arrived.
  • I'm the girl Prince Harry would love to marry, but wouldn't be allowed to. But Princess Nakeisha sounds so nice, no?
  • It seems that I'm a, and I quote: "Snogging Sensation". Thank you, Cosmo, that is very kind of you to say.
  • Crossants and café con leche is muy muy bien!
  • I really don't know the lyrics to the Piña Coladas Song. All I know is in fact: "If you like Piña Coladas." Bit of a fail, isn't it? It's a fucking weird song though, when you actually listen to the lyrics.
  • Some people should never be shipped together. Such as my beautiful and flawless perfect wonderful godlike Fernando Torres and well, Daniel Agger.
  • Doing quizzes over at Cosmo US y Cosmo UK is much more fun than doing revision. Who would have thought, right?
  • Khal Drogo just gets hotter for every episode of GoT.
  • Trolling at Ryan Giggs is rather fun.
  • I really should just start to invest in those 27 cats already. . .
  • Thast iPods really are shite. Like, really.

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