lørdag 11. juni 2011

Day Eight - Tell us about the last person who texted you.


Um. I'm really bad at this stuff, i realise. Anyway.

I met her in my first Criminology lecture, I think. I won't say that I was late, rather that everyone had turned up really early, so when I got there, the place was rather full already. Um. It was in the Faraday as well, so I kinda looked around decided that the girl sitting to the left seemed nice enough. Lol. Anyway, we got along great. She thought I was American though. I guess that's understandable. lol Ugh, but lets not think more about the horrid accent I had back then, yeah?
So yeah, she's one of my best friends here really. And I always have fun hanging out with her. We have a few random things we do, like playing badminton in the middle of the night.

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