mandag 17. oktober 2011

I probably shouldn't have, buuuuut I just couldn't help myself, okay?

So, in like about 3 weeks, this event is happening down in London, innit brov? And I just couldn't resist it. I just saw that someone had gotten tickets and my brain sorta went blank. the next thing I knew i was in the queue:
Your approximate queue position: 1777
The approximate number of people in the queue: 1956
The approximate time to wait: 0 hrs, 18 min

really, can you blame me at this point? I was so close. So close to getting what i so desperatly wanted... and suddenly there it was, the chance i had been waiting for, hoping for for so long. and the day has finally come. i shall finally finally finally make my way down to London, to Wembley. i, Keisha Oline, will on the 12th November be watching the England v Spain match at Wembely stadium. i just can't believe it really. do you guys know what this means? do you have any idea of how close i will be to certain 'ballers that i love with all my heart? do you? i don't think you do. but it's okay. it seems very surreal though.

but like i said, this will be in 3 weeks time. first i will have to go to the superhero/villan footie social on friday, the sociology social on wednesday. and generally work on my essays, dissertation, do my readings etc. but life, it just won't be the same after this. from where pia and i will be sitting, we'll be able to hear them speak, it is seriously that close. row 11 people. row 11.

oh, and i totally had this awesome convo with this person on lj today. i might actually print screen it and post it here so you can see it. it was well funny. though you lot might not think so.

shit. i need to get a spain shirt! you know, i'm so conflicted about who's name i should have on it. 'cause i'm like; i love torres, but i also very much love ramos. and i'm like, well... i do have a shirt with torres on already, though i'm buying a real madrid shirt with ramos in. however, if i got a spain shirt with ramos on, i could get a real madrid shirt with özil on. hmm... it is such a dilemma. and not to mention that the torres shirt is a liverpool one which is sliiiiiiiightly awkward. perhaps i should just get two? they cost so much money though... 30 quid at least... hmmm hmmm hmmmm.

ps. Nando is blond again and i'm confused about whether or not its a good thing.

pss. martin is being totally delutional, saying that england is going to be the second best team in the euros. hello, has he seen their matches for the last billion years. lolz. norway could even beat them now. and england are totally not better then germany. just saying.

psss. steven gerrard, aka, captain fantastic, scored the most beautiful goal against man united on saturday. mate, was it good glorious and perfect.
 jajaja did you think i would spell check it? YOU FOOL!

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