lørdag 22. oktober 2011

this is a post about my booths (hence the photo of Torres holding a box with my booths. except for the fact that mine are only astro turf booths, not grass booths with studs). my beautiful wonderful awesome booths. i got them the other day, when i was in a rush. i managed to grab the wrong size. a 5.5 instead of a 5. silly me. and i also got a pair of england socks, red (for when we play matches. our kit is red shirt, black shorts and red socks) + 2 dark blue socks. I got a pair of beautiful red Liverpool shorts that look well nice, and a lovely Nike bag in pink and black. its very important that is Nike and not Adiddas. i'm a Nike whore, okay? its my favourite sports brand. i woulod have gotten Nike socks, but they were expensive. ~pout

but yeah, totally grabbed the wrong pair of shoes and was gutted when i discovered that i could were my new booths for the next training. i had to return them. but now i have the right pair, and omg, they are the best things ever. like, seriously. they are cute and comfortable. and my feet don't look huge in them.

Nike T90 Laser IV; the love of my life.

my ankle looks fat, ignore that.
but just like, look at how pretty they are! they are so pretty omg i just want to hug them and wear them all the time!

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