lørdag 10. desember 2011

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

Well, there are a lot of things i hope to to in my life. far to much to even put it on here. but i guess that i can write about some of them for the next 20 min before i have to shut my latop of as its the El Clásico tonight and i'm not watching it. why? because i cannot take having a bad stream and having it constantly stopping throughout the match. i'll be far too tense to even begin to deal with the stress of that. so i'll just get up early tomorrow instead and download it, avoiding the spoilers. so no facebook, tumblr, db.no, twitter or lj before i've seen it! i can't even leave my room! jajaja!

anyway, on with the challenge!

um, i'm going to go with 'moving to Spain' for this one. it the dream that i'm planning on realising rather soon (in a year and a month if things go according to the plan), so its a good pick.
as you all know, i love Spain, and i love Spanish. and most of all, i love to travel. i am planning on taking a gap year now after this summer after i have graduated. i'm not yet sure where i'll actually live yet, still trying to decide between Oslo and Harstad, but that isn't all too important. the important part is that i plan on working for 6 months so i have enough money to live in spain for about the same amount of time. it might be ambitious, but rememeber, i am good at living on just rice, so not having lots to spend on food will be fine. for being able to travel i'll give up most things to be honest.

um, okay. brb watching the El Clásico after all. Seriously, has anyone ever died from watching the el clasico? we'll find out tonight. omg, i can't breathe right now.

i really want to just do nothing for some time, you know, while actually doing something. learning a langauge is hard of course, but it is a lot less work then writting these bloddy essays, i bet. at least so far it is, because i actually enjoy learning Spanish, whereas i don't enjoy writing these meaningless essays about topics i couldn't give a shit about. I could also use getting some sun on my body, meet some hot spanish guys and just enjoy myself! and i've finally realised where i want to do this half a gap year. it has taken me quite some time to figure out where i wanted to live; Madrid or Sevilla. But i've made my decision. at least for now. i'm going to choose Sevilla. since i'll be going in Jan/Feb, Sevilla will be a lot warmer then Madrid, and I just love it there. besides, madrid is only 6 hours away with the bus. so i'll be able to catch a Real Madrid match at the Barnabeu. 

whatever with this fucking shit of a match. i knew i should be watching it. we never win when i watch it. never. fucking diving alves and uuuughhhh. i hate barcelona. they are ruining my life.
sigh... my poor Madridista heart. We'll get them next time though, i'm sure we will! actually, i know we will! so bring it on, bitches!

need to cheer myself up, so here is a picture of the one of the world's most beautiful men; Sergio Ramos.

seriously, how can people find this unattractive. i just don't understand. i just don't. at all. he is just so so sooo beautiful.

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