lørdag 10. desember 2011

Omg, i just realised something!

and i cannot believe i hadn't noticed it before. omg, what kind of person am i?! shaking my head at myself.
so you've seen this before yeah, i was like; listen out for when he says yellow, which was really cute and all, and completely distracted me from everything else he was saying. seriously, skip almost right to the end where he talks about players that he admires... he totally says ramos' name. oh yeah! sernando is real! jajaja he is also being super cute right right riiiight at the very end when the interview is over and he's like, cheers mate. omg, like i'm dead right now. it was another jizz in my pants moment. for real bros. i am kinda like, i would have you babies right now. seriously. seriously. seeeeeeeeeerioooouslyyyyyyy. omg. i want to do so may things to that man and his freckles. jajajajaja but like, seriously. and people say he's ugly. omg. like you, mother. who is like. omg, he looks strange. he has a weird nose. and... he's got so many freckles. naaagghhhh. bitches love freckles. jajaja random kink. jajaja can i like, have sex with everything he is? his voice, freckles, accent... someone, bring me nando for christmas, okay? good, then that's settled!

perfect human being is perfect.

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