tirsdag 6. desember 2011

It has been a year!

Can you believe it? I hardly can. Seriously. I was going through post on tumblr when a wild!bb Leo Torres popped up. Because yes, Leo Torres is a year today! So hooray for that!

But it has also been a year since I want to my first football match, and since I went to my first Liverpool match. i twas pretty awesome, though I do remember the disappointment I felt when I realised that Fernando Torres wasn't playing. I may or may not have cursed Olalla for having to give birth on that specific day. Because really, all I needed was one day. But no, and so I was never going to watch Torres play in that red Liverpool shirt. I didn't realise that at the time, i think if i had known, I would have cried my eyes out to be honest. But anyway, this post is not about Torres. It is about my first trip to Anfield- also known as the most magical place ever. Seriously, nothing can compare to it, nothing. Perhaps a match at the Bernabeu... Because Wembley didn't have half the magic.

I remember how excited I was, how nervous and just how panic-y I was when out train ended up being delayed because of "the snow"... I was seriously freaking out. And for those of you who have been so fortunate to be travelling somewhere with me when i go into a state of panic, know how fun I become. jajaja!

Yes, I know... I look like Rudolph...

But we did in fact get there in semi time, I'd of course prefere to be there a lot earlier then that of course. I think we got there half an hour before? Seriously, 2 hours is perfect time for me. No stress then, and you get to watch the players do the warm-up which is almost the best thing really if I 'm to be honest. Yum yum all that bending over and streching... teasing is a better word for what they are doing. but yeah, we got there in time to sing "You'll Never Walk Alone", which is an experience that never stops giving me gooes bumps. Wow, you guys, it is just so amazing.

Um what else... OH, half-time was well fun as well! Because Ida and I had to keep warm (it was bloody freezing) and they were playing Black Eyed Peas' "dirty bit" and Ida and I just went a bit mental, doing all of these weird moves. poor Pia who had to be seen with us! Ida and I also ended up screaming out heads off when John Carew (I really really really hate the way the brits say his name... John Caruuu. And they you try and teach them the proper way and they go all like; mate, that is not how you say it. it is john caruuu. and then you go like: MATE, Norwegian in the house. its john carew, bitches. but they don't care. Well annoying. GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE!) came on as a sub during the second half. He didn't really do much, I understand why he isn't playing in the PL atm tbh. <- yes, I did just do that. What now, bitches?

Oh oh ohhhhh! Xabi Alonso was at that match! I didn't see him, i didn't even know that he was there, but he was! I has a gif, see:
It was so fucking cold!
and Stevie was being cute and sharing sweets or gum or whatever... wait, just looked at the gif. No no, he just looks as cold as Xabs... Well, we can all see what he is clearly thinking: oh i wish I had Xabs here to cuuddle with...
Okay, so it doesn't want let me put the gif in here... i'll just put the one where he is sharing the mint then, whatevs.
Oh Captain, My Captain!
I just wish they would have been sitting together. Omg, what that would have caused for the fandom! Holy shit, you guys have no idea. It would have been magical.

Um, I think that was it really. What was worth telling anyway. So again, i'd like to wish Leo Torres a happy birthday and say, that there are no hard feelings. jajajaja!

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