mandag 5. desember 2011


High: The ohmygodjesúsyhelligesaniker experience that was going down to Wembely and watching England v Spain match. it was deffo a jizzed in my pants moment. and of course, getting the chance to volunteer at the UEFA EURO2012 Volunteer Program! I can't wait to find out whatI am suppose to be doing and when i'm going to be there and just everything!

Low: Everything else really. I hate November. it got cold, it got dark and I was tired throughout it all.

Embarrassing moment: Probably when the Spanish National Team came on to the pitch at wembley. Pia said it was easy to spot me among all the screaming fans because I was the only one jumping up and down, wearing a bear hat.

Annoying: The month November.

Pleased with: Real Madrid's preformance! We're doing really well!

Uni has been...: The same as it has been all year.

Spare time...: Excluding the euros and the match, I haven't done too much, been out to eat with mates and had Merlin-dates with Rach. I also went to Preston with Rach.

Money spent on...: alcohol, food, Christmas gifts, the trip down to London etc.

Watched this month: I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here - that show was so good! And I must admit that i was crushing a bit on Dougie after watching it. Merlin every week with Rach. Um, i started watching a lot of series this year... New Girl, Once Upon A Time, Grimm... I also watched Supernatural, Fringe, Russell Howard's Good News... a billion matches.
Dougie from McFly

Read this month: Football, Actually; Truth & Dare (yes, again), Le Principito, a few articles on the topick of sexuality and football.

Guilty because of...: Various things.

Things to look forward to in December: Being able to go home. I miss home so so soo much right now. I just want to hang out with my friends and be able to have a nice HOT shower.

Things to dread in December: Working, mainly.

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