tirsdag 24. januar 2012

Gled deg pappa, her er jeg!

I figured it was time for a short update on my life!

there isn't really a whole lot happening since i got back to be honest with you lot. i have spent most of my time in the library working on my chinese century? essay. and once that was handed it, i started working on other essays. as of now, i only have 2 exams. hooray, you might think, seeing as i had 5 or 6 last year, but no. not at all, because instead of these exams, i'm doing essays, meaning that i have 2x5000, 1x4000, 2x1500, 1x8000 dissertation and some presentations to do. i really do love being a third year student, you know. it is just lovely at the moment.
this is pretty much how i'm feeling about my life right now.
i am also going to be rather busy in general, with my concerts coming up. i'm so excited about these! pia and i are going to watch Ron Pope (omg, so so sooo excited) and The Wanted in the same week and McFly during out easter break. we are also going to teo football matches, the first one being Everton vs. Chelsea at the Everton stadium in Liverpool (ew) and the other being Man United vs. Wigan (goooo Wigan!!) at Wigan stadium.
my beautiful tickets! ...still haven't go my Wanted ones yet tho... hmm
of course, Benedicte and Birgit are coming to visit me soon, and i'm dragging them along to the 15 Hour Bar Crawl that my college has. i'm also dragging everyone i know along to it, really. i think i'll be fun. fingers crossed at least. Maria will also be visiting, and i'll have to figure out what we will do when she's here... so far i'm thinking maybe 5th Avenue? who knows!

to jump back to my course; i'm doing three new modules this term: Sociology Goes To Hollywood, Terror and Gender Preformaletives. so far, i really hate the gender one. just wanted to get that out. i love the terror one though, as my lecturer started it all off by saying that a bench is a terrorist. i have started working on my hollywood essay today, and i need to try and figure out how i can get a hold of the film Biutiful, as this will be the film of my choice. it's a lovely film, so if you haven't seen it, i'd recommend it whole heartedly! it's in spanish though, which, i suppose doesn't suprise any of you, but that is not why i chose it however. it is just an amazing film.
I just love Javier Bardem, he is utterly brilliant in this film, and deserves ALL the awards!
going back to the social aspects of my life, i've been out twice since i got back. once for my birthday party which was just the past Saturday. as you probably know, i dressed up as my favourite fútbolista: Sergio Ramos. i'm not sure how good it actually was, but oh well! on saturday i'm once again out for my mate Ruth's 21st! and then i won't be out until Pia and I go to Liverpool two weeks later.
Sergio Ramos & Kat von D

that's it really. other than that i'm just waiting for a few letter, like from UEFA EURO12 Volunteering people, my penpals and my Lancaster University Women's Football hoodie to arrive.


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