lørdag 28. januar 2012

Tonight I'm going to bury that horse in the ground

Random update to thank my beautiful and amazing penpals! Seriously, for my birthday they have given me the lovliest things, check it out:

From my twin, Tea; some lovely Sernando buttons! :D i also go a card and a picture of her wishing me happy birthday in Norwegian! She is the sweetest person ever! she also gave me a pair of stunning earrings for Christmas!

I got this Hunger Games fabric poster from Zana for my birthday! The picture doesn't really do the poster justice, because its so amazingly vibrant with its colours! its so coool! :D
Lauren sent me this amazing trevelers journal which i can't wait to start using! I want to travel now, just so i can start writing in it. It is simply amazing and beautiful inside.
Dani sent me this as well as a braclet she made herself ('m wearing it now which is why its not in the picture)! Eveything is super duper cute! :D

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