søndag 12. februar 2012

After all these things I've done, I think I love you better now.

What a day it has been!

Pia and I meet up at Lancaster railway station at 10:20 to get out train from Lancs to Preston. Once we go there we had to chance for the ghetto train (also known as Northern Rail) to Liverpool Lime Street. I got to Lancs station first as I was bus'ing from campus to town, and an old man came over to me asking if I was playing a match today. I was wearing my Lancaster Uni football hoodie, you see. I told him no, and said that my mate and i were heading to Liverpool to watch the Everton v Chelsea match. He told me to say hello to Liverpool from him (he was from there) and that I should enjoy the match, even though he himself was a Liverpool supporter. I smiled at him and told him with a smile that so was I. It was nice. It reminded me why I like England. On the train to Liverpool, we got stuck sitting next to a large group of drunken lads who were going to watch an away Preston match. Mind you that this was what, 11 o'clock or something? How can people even start drinking at 10/11?! I could never (unless there is a 15 hour bar crawl!). As the train ride went on, the lads realised that their match had been cancelled and spent the next hour debating which match they should go to instead. I think they ended up with Chelsea v Everton, too. We go the bus to the Everton grounds, which was fairly simple. It’s good that you can just take a bus, instead of having to pay like 10 quid for like a taxi or something. While we were waiting for the bus to arrive, so group of six Spanish lads showed up, wearing matching neon yellow hoodies and weird sunglasses with a flamenco on. To say that Pia and I got mildly excited would not be lying.
We got to the grounds quite early, and we got to see some of the Everton players arriving, which was kind of cool. Most of them seemed really chill and relaxed, which is great! Most of them took their time to talk to the fans and sign stuff. That is how it should be, I think. There were some interesting characters, one could say! The guy in the Ferrari, for instance!
Ryston Drenthe if I'm not mistaken.

I had somehow managed to get us first row seats! How amazing isn't that? It said row three on them, but as it turned out, row three was row one! Fernando Torres was so close to me, it was the most fantastic thing. To seem him so close. And let me tell you, OMGHEISSOOOOMUCHHOTTERINREALLIFENANDOMGICAN'THELPBUTFALLINLOVEWITHHIMALLOVERAGAINBECAUSEHEISTOOFANTASTICANDBEAUTIFULANDOHMYLORDIDON'TEVENKNOWWHATTODOWITHMYSELF!!!! And Juan Mata! He is so short! i mean, I knew he was short, but still! He was too cute, too. And and Ivanovic's ass! Holy all mighty everything! Shit! I thought Torres has a big ass... Not that Pia and I were complaining, of course!
While we were waiting for the match to actually begin we had a cup of tea each and got these super awesome cups!
Pia and I also shared a football hotdog. Lol, the fun with had with that!
Pia doing her sexy pose with the footlong hotdog. Bitches wish they were as sexy and hot.

...and though it was a lot of fun and stuff, there were some aspects of it that left me with a sad and uncomfortable feeling. Both Pia and I felt as though the Everton fans were seriously hostile. And I'm not saying this as a Liverpool supporter, but just as a fan in general. I've been to Anfield several times and I've even been to Wembley, but the hostility that took place at the Everton grounds shocked me quite a bit. it makes me not ever want to set foot in places like Millwall for instance. And it's not to say that banter shouldn't be allowed or cursing at players/ref's etc, but because believe you me, I am no saint when my favourite players (Nando) get's fouled. However, even at Anfield, there has not been a time when I genuinely felt uncomfortable with the amount of abuse being shouted and anger behind it. I'm not saying that Liverpool are superior or anything, we have our shit to deal with as well (see the Luis Suarez case), but I have personally not experience feeling like I did when I sat there. When A. Cole for instance got tackled badly by one of the Everton players, they fans cheered as he was lying on the ground, not being able to get up. They were saying he deserved it. What is that? What if he had been seriously injured? I would never wish pain and broken bones on any players, not even Messi who I hate more than anyone. Why would I? It is simply cruel.
Next time i'm showing up with a poster!

And then there is Fernando Torres. I know you are all sick of me talking about him, but today, my heart broke so much for him that I almost want to cry. He left Liverpool a fucking year ago, get the fuck over it. If I, who love him so much, and (let's just be honest) who cried so much when he left, can accept this fact, why the hell can't everybody else? The first thing they do when he gets the ball is boo, and the booing is just so positively powerful. I'm pretty sure he's use to it by now, but for me, that really hurts. I'm so used to just hearing it on the telly when it doesn't seem so loud, but today. Christ... What pisses me off ever more is how the Chelsea fans aren't even responding, in fact, it is almost like they are agreeing. When Newcastle played Liverpool last year just after Andy Carroll's (the ungroomed horse) transfer from Newcastle to Liverpool, the Newcastle supporters were booing him. In return, the Liverpool fans where cheering him on. Even I, who does not like him at all, stood there, cheering for him. He is playing for my team, I will not let anyone else drag him down. Why don't the Chelsea supports do this for Torres? He needs it, he needs it so desperately. Instead there was only my lonesome voice among the thousands of booing Everton supporters, screaming Torres and cheering him on. I got a few evil looks, but I just bitchfaced right back. I think Torres would have been proud of my skills. But of course, this was not the only thing they screamed at him, these supporters surrounding me... They were also chanting stuff like 'He's a girl, he's a girl, he's a girl' and of course, the one thing that really set me off; 'Look at him, that homo'. I thought I was going to go ballistic and just punch the people chanting right in their fucking mouths, shutting them up for good. There were other's as well, referring to his sexuality, but I won't put more in, because i just get so angry. I cannot stand homophobic chants, just like I cannot stand sexist or racist ones. Banter is fine, you know. I'm fine with banter, but this was not banter. At all. And he deserves better. So much better. I do not know how to explain it to you.. But I suppose you could try and imagine the person you look up to the most, someone who love for whatever reason it may be, just gets slaughtered right before your eyes, and there is nothing you can do. You just know that your one voice will not be heard. And imagine this person, just getting all this abuse, constantly, for 2 hours. It is so painful. This is the person who has gotten me through some of the shittiest times of my life by showing me that you can get through it. That these times are hard, but they will pass. He has thought me so much. Showed me that certain things are possible and he has turned me from a cynic to a romantic.

These are the times when I despise football. This is when I realise I'm too soft to actually be a supporter (or so people constantly tell me... 'Oh keisha, it's just banter. Oh that's how it is in football. Don't take it so seriously'), because I don't find these things okay. It's not, it's not, it's not!

Listening to: Carmen - Lana del Ray.


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