fredag 10. februar 2012

pointless points made at an stupid hour.

also known as list of men I'd like to marry because why the hell not?

Fernando Torres. 

Really, you cannot say that you are surprised, right? I won't even go more into it. No one can bitchface like him. ~sigh We need to TAKE Fernando Torres and SHOVE him into my bed!

Sergio Ramos. 

because my god that man is so beautiful and sexy and seems awfully kind. besides, with moves and a body like that (not to mention his voice) who I'm I to say no? did you guys know that The Ramos and I have matching green jeans? See, perfect fit! We already have the matching sets!

Nick from New Girl. 

Random crush that I have developed after watching New Girl. I like his turtle face, OKAY?!

Danny Amendola.

Plays a wide receiver at St. Louis in the NFL. Pia and I go into a state of drooling when we just mention his name. we also start making weird noises... Made it worth watching those in-between bits the BBC had during the Superbowl.

Mesut Özil. 

Probably my weirdest crush yet. but omg heissocuteandilikehisbugeyesandlongnoseandomg!! And yeah, I'd totally sit and play X-box and drink apple juice with him with all day, bitches.

Pacey Witter. 

Ah, anyone remember my obession with Dawson's Creek? I love Pacey with all my heart. also, I love Joshua Jackson. So i'd marry 'em both.

Ron Weasley. 

And I mean, fictional Ron. Book Ron. Not film Ron. Just to make myself clear. but I'm puting Rupert in here just because, okay?

Peeta Mellark. 

Omg, so much right now. And I'm such a Pedobear for Josh Hucherson as well. Always has been, always will be. he was my boyfriend in my dream. Well gutted when I woke up and it wasn't real.

Ed Sheeran.

My favourite ginger at the moment. He is wonderful, no? Take ALL the awards and give them to Ed.

Yes... yes... there is a bit of a dark/brown hair thing going on in this... I will not argue, I have a type. That type is perhaps obvious.

Listening to: Dark Paradise - Lana del Ray

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