lørdag 7. april 2012

As if to say, as if to say he doesn't like chocolate

Me eating an apple and actually wearing my glasses in the Learning Zone. I should get a prize to be honest.

I just figured I'd write a mini update real quick. Nothing interesting has happended, but you know, I just figured I'd write something. I'm currently in the Learning Zone, trying to get my essay on V for Vandetta done, but it's not going all too well to be honest. It is just so boring, you know? So many different things I'd rather do. And I'm trying to buy a ticket for the semi-final in the Euro'12 but the website is acting up and it's so annoying because i really want that ticket!

When I haven't been busy with course work, I'm usually busy with everything to do this this summer. There are so many things that needs to be fix and sorted. For instance, we have been flat hunting, and it is a mess at this point. First we couldn't find a place and now that we have, we're too many people. I don't know what we're going to do. Because it's Anastasia and me, then this other girl; Anna + Lera. And Lera has this 'mystery' friend whom she is also suppose to share a flat with and it's just a bit messy at the moment. The flat we found fits 4, and we're 5. We gave them a week to get back to us though, since we need to get sorted asap. All these places keeps getting swapped up right under us, and the prices keep going up.

I sent an email to Lise today, so hopefully I'll be able to work at OBS from July to September, so that Pia and i can go on out epic trip to Spain together. And this needs sorting as well. I've been trying to think of a good travel route, but it's difficult. I think we'll end up going to Portugal last though, so we might fly back from there. Perhaps from either Lisbon or Porto, because I really want to go to Porto. We also need to send out email soon, so i'll probably talk to Pia about it when she gets back to Lancs in a few days.

I'm also stressing about the whole moving to Oslo thing. I mean, how will that work out? Yes, it is far more exciting than living in Harstad, but at the same time, I need to make sure that I make enough money so that i can afford those 6 months in Spain. And where would I live and where would I work? It is all so stressing!!

Listening to: Dame Vida - Huecco


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