søndag 8. april 2012

I can finally breathe, suddenly alive

I am in serious need of cheering myself up. I just cannot believe that we drew today. What the hell happened? How did we go from 13 point gap to fucking 3?! My god. It's unbelivable.

Anyway. I'm suppose to cheer myself up. So here it is!

I think we are closer to finding a flat, which is good. Anastasia even found one that only cost $800 a month! That is hardly anything and if we're four people, we'd only pay $200 each, which would be amazing! The flat is also located 10 min away from the stadium where we'll be working, so it is basically perfect for us!

And now the best news of course:

Yes, I have a ticket for one of the Euro'12 matches!! It is for the semi-final in Donetsk! Anastasia told me that it most likey be a match between Spain and another top team. I'm hoping Germany to be honest, though they would be hard to beat for Spain, espcially since they would be seeking revenge from the last time the two meet in the Euros. But it'll be thrilling, I'm sure! And I'm really excited about going! I even get to see another city, so that's great, too!

Listening to: Dumpa Mig - Veronica Maggio


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