tirsdag 3. mai 2011

ALSO, I picked my modules for next year. I choose the following topics:  

Socl 308: Terror This module aims to impart knowledge of how terror(ism) relates to contemporary social change. The overall aim of the course is to introduce and develop skills of methodological reasoning, interpreting comparative studies of different societies (western and eastern Europe, North America and the Middle East), and critically assessing competing theories and empirical evidence through texts, presentations and discussions.

Socl 309: Television, Society and Morality This module will stimulate students to adopt a critical reading of television and other mediated forms in society, encouraging them to think through the consequences of media beyond the exchange of information. The module will also provide a student-friendly context in which to explore complex, contemporary ideas about the changing nature of society.
The transferrable skills that they acquire will be to:
- think critically, - analyse media content, - summarise and present an articulate debate in written form.

Socl 332: Chinese Century Researching, summarising and critically assessing a variety of challenging texts; Evaluating competing perspectives, theories and concepts in the social sciences; Advanced academic writing and analysis including referencing skills; Oral presentation and debate during seminars and workshops; and Appreciation of and confidence in interdisciplinary work.  

Socl 326: Gender Preformativity Be able to identify and explore a range of theoretical approaches to the study of culture, media and communication. Employ key theoretical and critical approaches in the analysis of various media texts, particularly visual and popular cultural texts. Develop analytical and critical skills in relation to theoretical texts and media texts and practices. Develop understanding of the audio, visual and verbal conventions through which sounds, images and words make meaning. Develop understanding of the ways in which people engage with cultural texts and practices and make meaning from them. Develop understanding of the narrative processes, generic forms and modes of representation at work in media and cultural texts. Develop an understanding of the material conditions of media and cultural consumption, and of the cultural contexts in which people appropriate, use and make sense of media and cultural products. Develop an awareness of how media products might be understood within broader concepts of culture. Have a critical appreciation of the complexity of the terms ‘culture’ and ‘media’.  

Socl 316: Sociology Goes To Hollywood The module will aim at providing students with theoretical and empirical opportunities to develop skills in the following areas: researching and summarising a variety of material; using the internet to source materials for analysis; advanced academic writing and analysis including referencing; visual presentation and debate, theoretically-informed empirical study, and interdisciplinary production of ideas and scenarios.

There is only two of these that I'm actually looking forward to, and that is socl 316 og socl 308. Resten har jeg egentlig plukka mest slik at jeg slipper å ha så mange eksamner til neste vår. For hvis jeg følger planen min, så blir jeg bare å ha 2 eksamner. Så jeg tror jeg blir å få rundt 8 essays til neste år, de fleste av dem på 4000 + min dissertation som kommer da i tillegg. Men jeg tenker at kanskje socl 326 kan bli nyttig, med tanke på hva jeg vil jobbe med. Vi får se hvordan dette går da.

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