tirsdag 3. mai 2011

Meself and probably a few other people over at ontd_fb emailed VG and Dagbladet about the Busquets/Marcelo incident, and though they haven't replied to the email (not impressed by that) they have in fact each posted an article about it in their online newspaper. I'm glad to see that it is getting attention. UEFA now needs to take action. I mean, snoods are dealt with in all seriousness, but racism isn't? How does that make sense? Hopefully that bastard of a prick won't be playing tonight. If he does, hell is going to break lose. I know I'll hit the roof in anger. But here's to hoping tonight's El Clasicó goes down a bit more quietly then it did a week ago. All I can say now is: Vamos Madrid y Siempre Real Madrid! And let's try and forget the fact that Sergio Ramos won't be playing tonight.

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