torsdag 10. november 2011

ahhh! lookie lookie! someone needs to buy me the new Spain kit for christmas! forget the old one, its not that pretty anyway. but this new one, omg, so so pretty! even the porteros kit is well nice! don't you guys think that this kit is lovely, too? obviously you do, because just look at it! can't wait to see it in action on domingo! :3

for overdramatic ad with hot spanish men, check this youtube video out:

ps. i suggest to look for Llorente, his shirt is reeeeeally tight.

also, this is the dialog:
Iker: no one came to welcome us back [Iker's husky voice is sexy, no?]
Silva: we hadn’t created a new style of playing.
Xabi: we weren’t admired by the entire world.
Iker: we didn’t bring an entire country out onto the streets.
Villa: I wasn’t the top goalscorer.
Llorente: we didn’t know how to withstand the pressure.
VDB: we hadn’t changed our way of understanding football.
Xavi: I wasn’t the best player of the Eurocopa.
Llorente: we’re not a team [I like the players changing in the back].
Xavi: we’re not champions of Europe.
Villa: we’re not champions of the world.
The past doesn’t count.  Everything begins all over again.

i really like that El pasado no cuento. Todo vuvelve a empezar. its a really good slogan. very fitting as well.

info taken from conlaroja. the best source for all la roja news!

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