onsdag 16. november 2011

There is a new Fernando Torres book out!

From Monday November 14th, the readers will be able to buy Fernando Torres’ autobiography in Castilian. The book ‘Number Nine’ lands in Spanish bookstores with 27 chapters in which he tells us about his entire career, from the beginning at Atlético Madrid to the golden age of Liverpool to Chelsea and, of course, the two historic wins with the spanish national team at Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010.
Fernando Torres will personally present the book in Madrid om Wednesday November 16th, on his return from Costa Rica with the Spanish national team.
The book offers the reader a new perspective of the highlights of his career.
Including Atlético Madrid and the start of the life in the Premier League with Liverpool and Chelsea, the national team wins, as well as stories about how the players live, how the elite athletes use their spare time, and his foray into the world of advertising.
Fernando Torres has been writing with the support of his press chief Antonio Sanz and the director of communications at the International Bay representative agency. ‘Number Nine’ adresses all of the questions with ease and maturity, self-styled drawings from all angles and the essence of evolution in elite football. ‘Number Nine’ offers dynamic text and funny anecdotes, spiced with a generous collection of photos. The family album of the player, photos from Jose Antonio Garcia-Sirvent (official fernando9torres.com photographer), all in all valuable atrwork that supports the story in detail.

now, it seems to only be available in Spanish, but i honestly won't mind! you can buy it from the awesome fnac shop in Spain. i just love that place. the shop in Madrid is HUGE. like five floors or something. anyway, this is what i really really want. you guys know that. you know me.

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  1. Can you buy the book in Denmark?

    1. Well, I hightly doubt it. You can't buy it in Norway, so probably not Denmark either. You can't even buy it in England. They only seem to sell it in Spain, like at fnac, and I don't think it'll be translated any time soon either. Sorry.

  2. Can you buy the book on any websides?